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The Stone Age Wharfe valley was a swamp and prone to floods; it was also one of the main routes across the Pennines for migrating birds and people.

The Ancient Britons lived high and dry (if cold) up on Rombald's Moor. They've left behind a few remains of their communities, burial cairns, stone circles, enclosures, and carved rocks.

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My kids and I have spent many a weekend exploring the moor; we take the train from Leeds, so the walks on this site all start at Ilkley station.

However, you could just as easily start from any point around Ilkley Moor; just remember your boots, warm clothes, and a flask of hot tea. Watch the weather!

Have fun!

I would welcome any feedback on how useful you found this little web-site, or on the walks.   Drop me an e-mail, please.